Home, Sweet Broken Home

I just knew when I moved away for college some 20 or so years ago that I would never return. And although I made it a point to represent my hometown every chance I could, I always thought twice about moving back. I never thought I would return. I never imagined that I would raise a family here. I never even gave it any thought that I’d meet my husband here. But San Bernardino is where I call “home.” It’s where my immediate family is and it is the place where I grew up. This is the city that taught me all about harsh reality and it is also the place that shaped who I am to the core.

What happened today in my hometown is stuff that I’ve only seen in the news. Only today, it happened in my backyard.

Why anyone on this earth would shoot up a facility that services those with developmental disabilities is beyond anything I could ever comprehend. The place that provides Maddux with occupational therapy from specialists who we now refer to as friends and not just therapists. Now living just a few miles on the outskirt of town, this is the place that my husband and I conscientiously decided to raise our son.  All of this literally hits so close to home.

My heart is so heavy tonight. Sending prayers out into the universe for peace amongst us all and especially for my hometown… my home, sweet broken home.

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