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We are the Remillet family and this is our journey about raising our son, Maddux and this “new normal” that we call life!

A little about me…

I am a lover of food, wine, fashion, music and sports! My claim to fame is that I was a Division I All-American softball pitcher at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. I studied Broadcast Journalism and ended up with a career in Marketing, specializing in sports and entertainment sponsorship.

I met my husband Joseph while working in the Entertainment world– him doing Audio Visual/Live Production and me, doing all of the behind-the-scene fun stuff for some of the biggest names in the business!

Fast forward a year and half later and we were married in a little Spanish mission chapel in Redlands, California. And a few years after that, we became pregnant with our first child, a son we named Maddux James.

When we received the news that Maddux would be born with the birth defect spina bifida, our worlds were turned upside down. And just when we came to terms with the fact that our son would have a disability, we were hit with more unexpected news that he also has dwarfism.

As we adjust to this new normal of the unexpected, we invite you along on our journey of strength, courage and love.


Joseph, Desiree & Maddux

photo credit: Michelle Dudley Photography

We would love to hear from you!

email: desireeremillet@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Aunt Desiree,
    I love that you have started a blog and I read it over and over again making me fall in love with Maddux even more every time. Since I found out about him having achondroplasia I have researched it and I’ve already told you, but I love maddux even more. He’s gonna be like the little sibling I never had, I’m so exited for him to grow up!đŸ˜˜đŸ’˜ Tell him I love him! -Brookie (mads fave cuz!!!!)

    1. Thank you, Brookie! You are so sweet to Maddux and I know he already feels the love you all have for him. We love you, sweetie!

  2. This adorable child is my grandchild. He is truly God’s gift to the world! I don’t get to see him often as we live in different states but the time that I have spent with him is the most fulfilling, heart lifting and wonderful experiences that I have ever had. He is a can do kinda of guy. I hope that you have the privilege to meet him some day, you will never forget him. I love you Maddux. Take care of Mommy and DaDa. Grandma Cheryl.

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